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"Karyn, Thank you for meeting with me this morning for our monthly discussions on worker's compensation, human resources, and loss prevention as a whole.  I just have to document for posterity and anyone willing to listen or read this letter how refreshing it is to work with such a pro-active employer and business that takes into account its clients, employees, safety, and overall concerns.  I know in these times all businesses take the time such as yourself to see that the costs of prevention and hard work up-front can be seen in extreme savings for the long term in turnover, worker's compensation, internal problems, and HR mistakes.  In these hard times, a business such as yourself can be a lifesaver, allowing a client-company to fill positions on a temporary status rather than risking regular hires on a volatile market with potential HR concerns of hiring, firing, and layoffs coming with economic cutbacks.  You further reduce the risks by your proactive approach to your staffing, a method not used by most in your market place.  I have used your service for many years and will continue to do so for the professionalism and quality people you have staffed with us.  I think the most impressive service is the fact that you not only weed out potential employee problems but you train and accept only the best in employer/client-companies for this work.  There are too many in your business that cut corners, staff warm bodies to anyone wanting them regardless of fit and it creates pain and suffering for many down the road usually ending in my lap as either worker's compensation, litigation, internal theft, or HR employee issues.  Keep up the excellent work and doing what is not only common sense but also what is right- not things I take for granted in this day and age."

-Brentwood Services

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